What is Culture Track?

Our Mission

Culture Track is a cultural innovation engine, dedicated to addressing the most pressing challenges facing the worlds of culture and creativity through research, education, dialogue, and action. We believe that studying and tracking the shifting patterns of audience behavior is critical to shaping the future of culture.

What We Do

Culture Track began in 2001 as a research study of the changing behaviors of cultural audiences, developed pro bono for the field by LaPlaca Cohen. While today Culture Track is much more than a research study, a rigorous and nuanced understanding of cultural audiences is still at the heart of everything we do.

  • A national research study of the behaviors and characteristics of 4,000 US cultural consumers.
  • City, regional, and international studies that field the Culture Track survey in a particular geographic area to analyze the cultural proclivities of its audiences.
  • Deep-dive studies that probe key themes from Culture Track further.
  • Talks and panels across the country, inviting leaders from inside and outside the cultural world to further discuss and ideate around our research insights.

  • Presentations, guided workshops, and educational programs to help others understand the top-line insights and implications of our research.
  • A dynamic online portal, bringing our research to life through interactive data visualizations and original content.

About LaPlaca Cohen

Culture Track is an initiative of LaPlaca Cohen, a strategy, design, and marketing firm for the cultural world. At LaPlaca Cohen, culture is our passion, and our work. For over 25 years, we have been privileged to work with an unrivaled roster of leading museums, performing arts organizations, architecture firms, educational institutions, botanical gardens, and foundations to ensure the enduring relevance of culture in the 21st century, and the powerful impact on ever-changing and diversifying audiences.

Culture Track Canada

Culture Track: Canada is a landmark study of over 6,000 Canadian culture goers spearheaded by Business / Arts, with substantial support from business leaders and Canadian Arts Summit delegates.

Conducted by LaPlaca Cohen and Nanos Research, Culture Track: Canada is the first Canadian study of its kind in over two decades.

The full report, in addition to all data tabulations, will be published here on June 20th.