What is Culture Track?

Culture Track is a cultural innovation engine. We are dedicated to solving the most critical challenges facing the worlds of culture and creativity through research, education, dialogue, and action. Grounded in the study of changing audience behavior, we develop solutions that will shape the future of culture.

We created Culture Track as a pro-bono research study for the field in 2001,  in response to a moment when audience behaviors had rapidly changed—and organizations needed to understand the best path forward. Building on our years of experience with cultural clients, we designed the study with actionability in mind—and it quickly grew to become the largest national tracking study of the behaviors of cultural consumers.

Today, Culture Track encompasses a number of different initiatives, including:

  • Research study of the behaviors and characteristics of 4,000 US cultural consumers.
  • Regional and international studies that field the Culture Track survey in a particular geographic area to analyze the cultural proclivities of its audiences
  • Deep-dive studies that probe key themes from Culture Track further
  • A speaker series with innovative leaders from both the cultural world and beyond, tackling the critical challenges facing the field
  • A series of guided workshops and educational programs to help others understand the top-line insights and implications of our research